Wednesday, November 08, 2006

LaMarcus Aldridge is back from injury!

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Good news all around for the Blazers with news that LaMarcus Aldridge is back into full-contact scrimmaging and could be back into the rotation (slowly, slowly) by Tuesday and that Brandon Roy's injury wasn't as bad as first expected.
Roy had an MRI which showed no damage and he'll simply need a shoe insert. He'll miss the next game against the Lakers -- where Nate McMillan said Martell Webster and Ime Udoka will guard KB24 -- but should be back for the following game.
The Lakers go into tonight's game with a strong chance to out-do Portland, given the injury woes for Joel Przybilla, Raef LaFrentz, Roy, Aldridge and Darius Miles. However strong play so far from Zach Randolph, Jarrett Jack and surprising performances by Udoka and Travis Outlaw could pull it out for the Blazers.
RGB Prediction: Lakers by 8 behind strong interior play by Andrew Bynum (with no resistance from the Blazers) and an eventual breakout game by Kobe Bryant.


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Jon said...

what kind of a loser plugs something like that

derrenmatts said...

Hey Mookie. Can't wait to see tonight's game. My Celtics vs. your Blazers. Should be good.

We're coming off an impressive 114-88 win over the Pacers on Wednesda;y night and it showed how good we can be when we play solid defense (which includes rebounding), execute our offense and do some running.

Hope LaMarcus Aldridge can play. I've watched him at Texas last season and thought that he was a good looking NBA prospect. If he can continue to hit 10 foot jumpers, it will give my team trouble.

Well, hope you can stop by Celtics Green and add your game thoughts. Don't worry, we aren't the troll types who bash teams for losing (and I hope you won't do it either if we end up losing this game ;D ).