Thursday, June 28, 2007

Draft Day brings excitement as expected in Portland

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Kevin Pritchard wasn't going to let this go to script. It has been an exciting draft day so far. I'm sitting here listening to the draft as we have just hit pick number 25 in the 1st round.

1. Greg Oden joins us, as expected. This guy will be our anchor for a long time. I can't say anything right now that hasn't been already said.

2. Word is that Zach Randolph has been traded to the Knicks, along with Fred Jones and Disaster Dan Dickau for Channing Frye and Steve Francis. I don't know if I like this move. I feel we could have possibly gotten more for Z-Bo. Frye is a solid player, but he hasn't proven himself as more than a LaMarcus-lite to back him up off the bench. Francis is a cancer (wasn't that why we were trying to get rid of Z-Bo?) who apparently will be bought out (here's hoping) and give us some cap room. I hope this all works out. That said, I trust Pritchard's judgement - he's one of the best minds out there.

3. We bought the 24th pick in the draft from the Suns for cash and selected Rudy Fernandez, a 6'6" combo guard from Spain. Looks like we will have a pair of wiry Spaniards coming off the bench at the guard spots.

Now I'm wondering what will happen with all of those 2nd round picks. I see some trades coming. We knew draft day would be an exciting one in Portland...

More to come.

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