Saturday, April 07, 2007

Darius Miles : What comes next?

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I'm interested to see what people think about the possibility of Darius Miles being back with the Blazers next season is? The team has been gelling really well this season with the array of young talent on hand. The swingman position is filled with a small group of talented players: Brandon Roy, Martell Webster, Travis Outlaw, Ime Udoka.
Miles missing this season could have been a blessing in disguise for the team. It meant more room for the development of the young guys. It meant a departure from the controversy surrounding the team in previous seasons. A negative image which was largely associated with Miles and the equally controversial (yet much more productive on-court) Zach Randolph.
There are many questions surrounding Miles coming into next season. How will he respond to the micro-fracture surgery which has had such mixed results for players over the years (Webber, Kidd, Amaré, Zach)? Will the Blazers choose to integrate him back into the rotation which seems to be developing a good cohesion? Will the same off-court dramas surround Miles?
Is it just me or does Miles look like he hs put on a bit of weight in his time off? Check out this video:

For more on Darius Miles as he tries to make an NBA comeback, go to a stern warning.


oyl miller said...

I'd love to see Miles out there with Roy and LMA. We need scoring from our 3, Miles gave us that, steals and shot blocking.

I wish him a successful recovery and look forward to having him back!

mookie said...

Good to hear! It's good to hear some positive talk about D-Miles. There is far too much negativity surrounding a guy who could be a very big contributer at the 3 spot for us.

Miles could be the piece that completes the starting lineup along with Roy, Jack, Z-Bo and LaMarcus.

corran said...

I disagree. I don't think Darius fits with this team. He has said that B ball is not that important to him. This team cannot afford someone that commands that much cap room with that attitude. In addition he has a neg. effect on Zach. I believe the absence of Miles is the main reason Zach is better this year. D Miles is a tremendous talent, but talent isn't everything.

mookie said...

corran, I think your opinion seems to be the overriding consensus amongst Blazer fans. There's definitely an aspect of Miles having a negative impact in the locker room.

I can only hope that if Portland decides to keep him around, its because they've seen a change in his attitude in the time he's been forced to spend away from the game.

The thing is, I really see Miles as the type of guy who would be more useful being "bought" at a bargain price by one of the contending teams and filling a role on an established veteran squad (ala Tim Thomas), that will not have their chemistry ruined by his attitude. Unfortunately the Blazers are not in a position to harbour that sort of attitude.

John-Paull said...

It's sad that all they talk about is athletes. Its fine to look up to athletes like KG or Clyde Drexler but more important to look at other heros that offer a glimpse at a more realistic life. If you are not a star athlete you need to realize you can be a business man, a professor, a doctor, etc.

Anonymous said...

I would hate to see miles come back, he dosnt belong he is careless and a ball hog, he is more concerned with making the highlight show than getting the ball in the basket, how many times does he have to hurt his hand making or trying to make a dunk before he realizes its only pretty if it goes in and we get 2 points. Please go away miles