Monday, April 02, 2007

Random NBA Statistic of the Day

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Players averaging at least 20 points and 10 rebounds this season to-date:

1. Kevin Garnett ¦ 22.8ppg ¦ 12.9rpg ¦ Voted All-Star
2. Chris Bosh ¦ 22.7ppg ¦ 10.7rpg ¦ Voted All-Star
3. Tim Duncan ¦ 20.1ppg ¦ 10.7rpg ¦ Voted All-Star
4. Zach Randolph ¦ 23.6ppg ¦ 10.1rpg ¦ Not Voted All-Star
5. Carlos Boozer ¦ 21.1ppg ¦ 11.7rpg ¦ Voted All-Star

Task: Spot the odd one out...


Tim said...

Come on man....everyone but Blazer's fans will agree that he should not have been an all-star, especially in the west. You would have some room to complain if your team actually matered. Maybe next year they will. I hope they do, because I miss the old Utah Jazz Portland rivalry.

mookie said...

I wish I could say I disagree with you... with regard to Portland "not mattering" this season. The thing is, I'm happy that Portland has not been too much of a factor, as they've been quietly rebuilding -- unlike New York, who tried to rebuild within one season by bringing in a ridiculous collection of veterans.

Give Portland some time and Utah will definitely be getting noise from them. Bring back Drexler and Porter v Stockton and Malone!

As for Zach deserving an All-Star berth... there are various arguments as to what merits an All-Star selection. I don't entirely agree that you must be on a winning team to be an All-Star...