Thursday, September 21, 2006

Grant Hill : still drinking his Sprite

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Remember when Grant Hill was the next Jordan? The next Magic? Thankfully for the most part the media has given up on those types of comparisons that never come true... after Harold Miner didn't become the next Jordan and Walt Williams didn't become the next Magic it became a bit futile. Well, we still do have the hopes placed on the next Bird, Adam Morrison. But I digress...
Grant Hill was absolutely massive. Sharing the 1994-95 Rookie of the Year award with Jason Kidd, every kid wanted to be like Grant. The ads on TV proclaimed, "Grant Hill drinks Sprite" and we wanted to do the same. He was a mild-mannered superstar along the lines of David Robinson -- a reputation (along with his multi-talented efforts on the basketball court) which made him the first rookie ever to lead the NBA All-Star balloting before then leading it again the following year.
His co-ROY, Kidd went on to a stellar career which is still for the most part in full-flight. Unfortunately for Hill, his flight never reached the lofty heights for which he was destined. He has shown the determination of a champion in getting through more sessions of major surgery than his most people have had hot dinners. But Grant fights on.
According to this article in the Orlando Sentinel, Hill is pumped for a big season. More than that, he is ready for many seasons to come by the sounds. Hill wants to make up for lost time. He's obstensibly had five seasons on the sidelines -- plenty of rest. For the sake of the old school good guy, I hope that there are no more setbacks and his career can be completed in the style which it started.

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Anonymous said...

grant Hill est vraiment un grand joueur !!!
Il arrive au Suns ! Peut etre le secret d'un futur titre !

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