Monday, September 18, 2006

The Reignman : Can he do it this time?

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Everyone out there wants Shawn Kemp to make it. Every guy on the street, whether they were a Sonics fan or a Bulls fan barracking against him back in the day, wants a glimpse of the excitement he used to provide on a nightly basis.
Freaks of nature like Kemp are what make the NBA exciting. Windmill dunks over three guys in traffic are the reason we watch. We all saw the downfall from those exciting days, when his stints with the Cleveland Cavs and with our Blazers were less than inspiring -- but we remember the good times. When news broke some months ago that Kemp was hoping to make a comeback to the league, that he had been working his butt off and had lost a whole bunch of weight in preparation for a return to the Sonics or any team that would take him, it piqued interest.
Kemp attended the Denver Nuggets free agent camp, then was supposed to attend a tournament to showcase his skills -- then disaster struck again. In July Kemp was charged with possession of drugs. He claimed that he was totally off the habit and that the drugs were old. Either way, the punishment will likely not be severe should be found guilty. The Reignman has shed pounds and is pushing to make it back.
The lastest news has Kemp trialling for the Chicago Bulls' final roster spot. Here's hoping he makes it this time and we can see if he's still got it. This old article (and interview) from SLAM online is a fair indication of the mind of the man -- he just needs that shot.

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