Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mason a Blazer?

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The Oregonian has blown wild speculation out into the Portland winds with the idea that Desmond Mason, a free agent at the end of this season, could become a Blazer in a years' time. It's a nice idea -- Mason is extremely athletic and would be a great fill at the small forward position, assuming we have gotten rid of Darius Miles by that time -- but I'd prefer to leave that speculation for the time being. You've heard the old saying that 2 minutes is a long time in the NBA, well a year is an even longer time...
Former Blazer Derek Anderson has been waived by the Miami Heat. Anderson only played 23 games for the Heat last season after arriving from Houston and did not appear to feature prominiently in their plans. It's another interesting speed bump in the career of DA and at this stage it's uncertain where he could land next. Anderson once had a very promising career as a first/second option scorer in his early years with Cleveland and Portland. I hope he lands somewhere that gives him a chance to progress.

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