Monday, September 18, 2006

NBA 2K7 : Demo release

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2K Sports has released a demo version of its newest offering -- NBA 2K7. After taking the lead in the NBA simulation market last year, following poor output from the guys at EA Sports, 2K7 looks to continue that. There has been plenty of NBA Live '07 coverage on this site, due to the amount of news that EA has been releasing, but 2K7 certainly is mouth-watering.
A full list of features of the game is available here at the official site, however the key comparisons with NBA Live can be summarised as follows:
- 24/7 : Next -- replicating the increasingly popular style of games such as NBA Ballers, this mode allows you to take your own baller from the streets and prove that he belongs with the pros, something Live does not offer.
- Franchise Mode -- features such as multiplayer franchise, 3 team trading and progressive fatigue give a different look to the Dynasty mode provided by NBA Live (which has definitely stepped up its game this year with new features of its own).
- Stunning graphics -- as the final version of both games have not been released, it is always fatal to comment here without playing a copy for oneself, however the screenshots released certainly are impressive and realistic. If nothing else, next-gen consoles have done wonders for realism on our screens.
For XBox 360 owners, the demo version (playable for 4 minutes) is now available through Marketplace for download. Comments from those that have tried the demo out would certainly be welcome!

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