Sunday, October 01, 2006

Aaron Miles fails physical

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The search for a third/fourth-string Blazer point guard continues, with Aaron Miles having failed his physical due to a sprained ankle, as reported by this Blazer press release:
The Portland Trail Blazers announced today that due to a mid-ankle sprain, Aaron
Miles did not pass his team physical today and therefore the club is unable to
tender him a contract at this time. Miles is expected to make a full recovery
within two weeks.

The most sensible option at this point would be to try and snare an experienced backup like Anthony Carter. Stay tuned for what happens next.


derrenmatts said...

I'm aware of Anthony Carter. I live in Hawaii and he was a star for our University of Hawaii basketball team. He was an incredible player for us--very clutch. I wish he could have had a better career in the NBA, instead of being the journeymen he has been all these years. But hopefully he'll latch on to some team and find a significant role.

Well, I guess Aaron Miles is not out of the question yet. Once his ankle heals, you can still offer him a contract that will keep him in Portland throughout the preseason, right?

I wonder what ever happened to former Notre Dame standout, Chris Thomas? I thought he had an NBA game. Was a bit turnover prone and was pretty short, but I thought he was NBA material (close to Steve Blake level). Maybe he'd be an option the Blazers look into.

mookie said...

Carter definitely has the ability to carry a team when needed -- he's done it in the past when injuries have forced him into a scorer's role.

Good point re Chris Thomas. He had seemed to have dropped off the radar. I just did a quick search on him and according to wikipedia he had been playing for Carifac Basket Fabriano of the Italian league and just recently started playing for a team in Athens, Greece. The money in Europe is definitely worth it if you are a fringe pro player...

derrenmatts said...

Yeah, that's where Bassy's brother is playing, right? Seems like an option to consider for those who can't make the jump to the NBA right out of college.