Thursday, October 05, 2006

NBA Europe Live : Barcelona defeats 76ers

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Barcelona Winterthur became just the second European team to defeat an NBA squad, as they beat the Philadelphia 76ers 104-99 in Barcelona on Thursday.

There is a highly detailed report of the match here:


derrenmatts said...

Wow, USA basketball is losing some ground to international ball. No longer are the NBA players regarded as untouchable heroes. There's new hope for all these international teams. The original Dream Team may be the final legacy of the once dominant USA basketball.

So how is training camp going for the Blazers? Lot of good competition and scrimmages going on?

mookie said...

I've been in transit on a 24hr flight, so a little delayed in this response!!

USA basketball is definitely losing its footing a bit. One thing for sure: I don't think there will ever be anything comparable to the Dream Team. That said, I think Team USA can still get their act together and move into a dominant position again. The current 'spanking' that NBA/USA teams are getting is only a wake-up call and the fact will remain that the USA has the world's most talented players -- they just have to realise how to use that talent to their advantage rather than being so complacent as they have been.

derrenmatts said...

Yep, you are right. The USA still has the most talented basketball players in the world. But playing team basketball has shifted to individual basketball in the US and this has to be a big factor in our losing trend.