Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Luke Walton smokes too much

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In the past week we've heard LeBron James come out and say that the Cavs can win the championship this year. Seems a stretch, but vaguely possible -- this is LeBron after all. We also heard Dwight Howard say the same thing. Well, the Magic do have a pretty decent squad.

Now Luke Walton has come out and said the the Lakers will be in the finals this season. "I expect to be in the Finals this year. We could've done it last year," said Walton. Comments like that make you wonder how much weed Bill Walton smoked when he conceived young Luke. Maybe call it the misguided confidence of youth. Need I remind Luke that the LakeShow is still going into this season with Kwame Brown as its starting power forward and with Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom as its only viable scoring options. Surely he hasn't fallen for the Andrew Bynum hype too? When his dad is commentating on the games and screaming "Get the ball to the big guy!" who will they be throwing it to? Certainly not Brian Cook or Chris Mihm I hope.
Looking at the team that stumbled through last season, living and dying by the sword known as the hand of Kobe, the only additions are Vladimir Radmanovic (a nice outside shooter, but not a game changer) and rookie Jordan Farmar ( a guy with potential but at this stage likely to be similar in game to Reggie Jordan rather than Michael). So Luke's comments may be a little too soon. Another year and a quality big man and then the Lakers can start talking Finals.

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