Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Logo may be out of a job

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NBA great, Jerry West may be pushed out of his position as Team President with the Memphis Grizzlies after it was announced that former Duke Blue Devil, Brian Davis is to buy out a controlling 70% of the team. West's position would be eliminated as a cost-cutting measure, reports ESPN.
Upon purchasing a team, I can't understand why you would want to remove an icon of the league and an element of respectability such as the Logo. West has made some solid moves for this team and transformed them from an expansion team into a squad which has caused some headaches for other teams in the west.


derrenmatts said...

Wow, getting rid of Jerry West is like trading away a legend. I'm sure there's some team who's willing to give West a chance to fix their organization.

Speaking of trading away legends, how did the Blazers fans feel when Drexler left for Houston? He didn't leave on bad terms so I guess there's no bad blood, but wouldn't you have loved to see him remain a Blazer from start to finish? I still don't like to think of Jordan as a Wizard, or Hakeem as a Raptor.

mookie said...

That sure was tough seeing Clyde the Glide go. I'm still a massive fan of his -- he personified grace and skill, with the greatest demeanour you will see for an athlete.

The thing was, Clyde going to Houston was an opportunity for him to get the title he deserved. It just didn't seem to be happening for him in Portland and while looking back, he could well have gotten that title with some of the players we brought in after that, it was great to see him combine with Hakeem for the Championship to get that Phi-Slamma-Jamma combination back together from their University of Houston days. Otis Thorpe (received from Houston) was certainly not adequate recompense for the Glide, but at that stage we just had to accept it...

It's true what you say though, you never regard a player as being on that final team they play for. Karl Malone will always be a Jazz man (not a Laker), Ewing a Knick (not a Sonic) and Penny with the Magic (if only fleetingly)??

derrenmatts said...

Yeah, I'm glad to know that Bird's only team was the Celtics. It would bother me to see him put on a uniform other than the green and white.

Nowadays, team loyalty is no longer what it used to be (not like it didn't happen back then either, but players moving onto other teams seem less prevelant back then).