Monday, October 16, 2006

Stephen Jackson : Paternal Instinct

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Stephen Jackson has explained the events of October 6, which saw him fire a pistol into the air a number of times outside of a strip club. Jackson claims that he was protecting his teammates when the incident happened, after a brawl had broken out in front of Club Rio. Jackson certainly seems to have an instinct for protecting his teammates. He was the first one into the crowd to protect Ron Artest in the Detroit 'massacre' for which he is still on probation.
I witnessed another such incident when Jackson played with the Sydney Kings in Australia's National Basketball League. In a pre-season game at Sutherland Stadium, Kings teammate Ben Melmeth was hit with a hard foul. Jackson was the first player to join the fight in 'protecting' his teammate from the unnecessary roughness of the play -- a teammate he had only known a short time. Jackson was injured not long later and did not manage to contribute much to the Kings before joining the Spurs in the NBA.
Worringly for Jackson and the Pacers, prosecutors in Detroit have now said that they will pursue jail time for the shooting guard, should he be found guilty of violating his probation. I wonder if they wish they'd held on to Fred Jones now, who incidentally is looking quite promising in pre-season form for the Raptors.

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