Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blake shocked but happy in Milwaukee

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Steve Blake has said he is content with his new role with the Bucks. After being traded along with Ha Seung-Jin and Brian Skinner in exchange for Jamaal Magloire, he is unlikely to be a starter. Blake also said that he was shocked to be traded after preparing for the season and seeing the Blazers make so many moves already in the off-season.

He also pointed out the obvious, that "losing is not fun." However, the Blazers appear to be on track to setup the team for the future and to get out of the losing rut which has brought the team down of late. A lot of Blazer fans did not see Blake as a long-term starting PG for Portland, but more of a place-filler until Sebastian Telfair or Jarrett Jack rose to prominence. With the trade of both Telfair and Blake, for Jack that time is now, unless he is to be replaced by rookie Brandon Roy at the starting position.
Blazer fans have to be happy with the moves made by management to date this off-season. A solid core of young, talented players is ready to build for the future. If a move is still pending to ship either Darius Miles or Zach Randolph off, it could be the final piece in the transformation of the Jail-Blazers of old.

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