Saturday, August 05, 2006

NBA Live 07 Update #2

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The newest iteration of EA Sports' popular series, NBA Live, seems more and more promising the more information is released. The custom player animations will add interest, such as Richard Hamilton's FT ritual (note: grainy footage), as well as Steve Nash's.
The issue of unrealistic body contact seems to have been addressed too this year. This video showing a sampling of gameplay, shows players jostling for position, with off-the-ball movement seeming quite realistic. As always, an intro video is a good pump up.
Another leak from the ChinaJoy Expo 2006 was that there will be a 'sponsored' Adidas team in the game, consisting of Arenas, Billups, T-Mac, Garnett and Duncan. No word on whether there is a similar Nike team (would make sense) or And1 (less likely given that they have a game of their own).
This interview with Brian Ullrich, NBA Live Senior Producer, summarises the gameplay aspects quite well.

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