Monday, August 14, 2006

Shaq leans toward Li Ning

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Really - what is the point?

Shaquille O'Neal has just inked a deal with Chinese sportswear company Li Ning to produce a signature shoe for the Big Aristotle in China. Shaq is just the second NBA player to sign on with the apparel company after Damon Jones did so last year. The ridiculous thing about this whole venture? They are only producing 320 pairs of his signature shoes, which can be pre-ordered...

In a country of 1.3bn people, how does this make sense? It reeks of the NBA trying to drum up more publicity in China. The league is currently making serious attempts to move into the Chinese market with murmurings of massive staff numbers being setup in the country. Hey, Shaq's not stupid either -- he sees the potential for his own popularity growth in China too after Tracy McGrady's successful shoe launch there last year made him the number 1 selling jersey in China.

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