Monday, August 28, 2006

Clyde the Glide : "Video Game Character"

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I was just reading this interview with Clyde Drexler, which dates back to March.
Clyde says some interesting things about Kobe, the attitude of players today and about video games.
He says there were plenty of games where he could have challenged for 81 points, had he played in the 4th quarter (rather than resting for the next game) and had he taken as many shots as what Kobe does. On a team that included guys like Terry Porter, Jerome Kersey and Kevin Duckworth -- who all did their share of scoring -- Clyde was in a very different scenario to the modern day Kobe. Then again, so were a lot of guys back then. MJ, Dominique and co could all have attempted to score more than what they did, but the concept of team was something different back then.
That said, with Glide's usual class, he doesn't say a bad word about Kobe. But you know what he's thinking.

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