Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Player Movement : Harrington finally goes to...

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...the Indiana Pacers! In a surprise to absolutely noone, forward Al Harrington has been traded from the Atlanta Hawks, along with dead-weight C John Edwards to the Pacers, in exchange for a 2007 first-rounder.
The move has been anticipated for a while and negotiations have been dragged out around Harrington firing his agent and hiring a new one. The move improves the Pacers vastly and means that he can be used at PF in a smaller run'n'gun offence with Jermaine O'Neal at C if necessary.
Meanwhile for Atlanta, this will mean more playing time for Marvin Williams as he continues to develop, as well as high-flying defender Josh Smith. The sign-and-trade suits both teams and there was little chance of Harrington going elsewhere (Golden State was a consideration at one point).

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