Thursday, August 10, 2006

Player Movement : Patterson dealt to Bucks for Smith

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It looks like the Milwaukee Bucks are trying to construct a team of Portland Trail Blazers bench players. Today the Bucks traded Joe Smith to the Denver Nuggets for Ruben Patterson.
The former No.1 overall pick, Smith continues the reshuffle of the Bucks' frontcourt, in an apparent move to make room for (the No.1 pick 10 years after Smith) Andrew Bogut to establish himself. The Bucks frontcourt will now consist of Bogut starting at centre, backed up by Dan Gadzuric and newly acquired Charlie Villaneuva starting at power forward, with former Blazer Brian Skinner on the bench.
Patterson was targeted by the Bucks to shore up the small forward position and bring them closer to their goal of being able to put a five on the court of former Blazers. With Steve Blake at the point, Patterson at SF, Skinner at PF and Ha Seung-Jin at C, the logical next step would be to trade for Juan Dixon - right?

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