Thursday, July 27, 2006

Are NBA owners taking us for a ride?

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NBA owners have their fans hijacked. If Paul Allen decides he's moving his team from Portland to Seattle, what can you do? Sure you can protest it, you can refuse to buy-in on his product any longer. However Allen knows, as does Clay Bennett in Seattle, that if he decides to move the team into another market -- one which he would have researched extensively to ensure it is viable -- their will be another Joe Bloggs who will take up the support of your team.

There will be another guy with war paint on his chest in Section 206, Row N, Seat 13.

There will be another little Billy who convinces his parents to buy him a Ray Allen bobblehead.

What can we do? Show support for your team. No businessman in his right mind (yes this even includes Mark Cuban), will move a team away from a strong supporter base. But if you stop supporting your team, then cry foul when the team gets moved, well... you only have yourself to blame.

There's an interesting article on Bloomberg today about NBA owners hijacking their cities to get tax-funding for arenas. Guys like Allen (sixth richest man in the world) are not short on a dollar, but can still convince their city that "if you don't play by my rules, I'll take my ball and go home."

The fans in Seattle are still fighting for their team -- we wish them the best of luck. They aren't getting ours.

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