Friday, July 28, 2006

Trade Rumour : Magloire to Portland

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There's a rumour running rampant at the moment that Milwaukee Buck Jamaal Magloire will be traded to the Blazers for Steve Blake, Brian Skinner and Ha Seung-Jin.
This would be a positive move for the Blazers.
Magloire is a massive upgrade on Skinner. Previously an all-star, Magloire is a dominant presence in the paint, capable of a double-double on any given night. Skinner is a tough-nosed player, however his body does not seem to have the endurance to continue with his style of play much longer. As noted in our season preview, Skinner has little chance of making an impact with the Blazers, whilst having to break into the rotation of Zach Randolph, LaMarcus Aldridge, Joel Przybilla and Raef LaFrentz.
This of course means that the addition of Magloire would create a logjam in the middle for the Blazers... read on further, later, for my take on that.
Blake is the main drawcard for the Bucks. He is a solid and mistake-free choice at the point. His assist/turnover ratio is outstanding and he can effectively drive an offence whilst making a solid percentage of the few shots he takes.
Skinner has previously been with the Bucks and his contract, which has a team option at the end of next season, could be discarded to make space at the end of the 2006/07 season.
Ha would likely be waived by the Bucks, unless they have hatched some crazy plot to unleash the giant on the league.
Final scenario:

Blake's disposal would mean more minutes for promising Jarrett Jack at the point, along with 6'6" rookie Brandon Roy. Blake, whilst a solid and steady player, would hinder the play of Jack and Roy at the point. The latter are two players with star potential, whilst Blake is a role player and nothing more.

Ha's disposal means little, as he was unlikely to make the squad regardless.

Skinner's departure and the arrival of Magloire suddenly means Nate McMillan has a dirth of big men at his disposal. Here's where it gets interesting. I would not be surprised if Magloire was used as a kicker on a Darius Miles trade. This could see an upgrade at the small forward position for the Blazers.

The team is set at PF and C with Z-Bo and the newly re-signed Przybilla, so there is likely to be a move there. More likely is that Miles would accompany Magloire in a trade for a strong SF or alternatively, a trade for the "not being traded" Allen Iverson could be on the cards...

No matter what unfolds, the rumour is an interesting one for the Blazers, in what has already been a more than interesting off-season -- for all of the right reasons this time.

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