Monday, July 24, 2006

Player Movement : Pacers guards on the move

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Reports indicate that the Pacers will send Anthony Johnson to the Mavs in exchange for Darrell Armstrong and NBDL players Josh Powell and Rawle Marshall. Johnson has been the subject of many trade rumours after a strong showing against New Jersey’s Jason Kidd in last season’s playoffs. He’d likely fill the role of third-string point guard behind Jason Terry and Devin Harris. Given that Terry can shift to shooting guard at times, the recent trade of Marquis Daniels to Indiana and Johnson’s veteran leadership, he could see a fair share of minutes.

Dallas have done a good job of shoring up their roster after just falling short of the final prize last season. Adding Austin Croshere adds some size to the bench along with mid-range firepower, despite the loss by free agency of Adrian Griffin to Chicago.

Toronto have made further changes to their roster with the reported signing of athletic Pacer guard Fred Jones. There is every chance that Jones will get the starting role and given playing time can be a dangerous scorer, as he demonstrated during the aftermath of the Detroit disaster where the Pacers roster was decimated. If Sam Mitchell decides to go small he could go with the newly acquired TJ Ford, Jones, Morris Peterson, No.1 Pick Andrea Bargnani and Chris Bosh for a run-and-gun lineup.

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