Saturday, July 29, 2006

Magloire rumours still strong

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If you believe the reports out there, an announcement could be with us on Monday that Jamaal Magloire will be a Portland Trail Blazer.
The more I think about this, the more the move would make sense for the Blazers, whilst making no sense at all.
Firstly, adding Magloire to an already loaded Blazers frontcourt, with Zach Randolph, LaMarcus Aldridge, Joel Przybilla and Raef LaFrentz, would be ridiculous. There simply is not enough playing time to go around. No sense.
Secondly, losing the steadying influence of Steve Blake at the point on such a young team. No sense.
On the other hand:
The Blazers have had no luck to date in moving Darius Miles. He has 4 years left on a substantial contract and what's more, he's known as a destabilising influence on the team, regardless of his level of talent. Blazers management can not allow Miles to stay on a team that has so many young talents who could be adversely influenced by his presence. That is why they have had to take a "dispose at any costs" type approach.
The removal of Blake will allow Brandon Roy time to flourish at the point, running the offence as the team develops a new identity. Roy, in combination with Jarrett Jack, could form a solid nucleus for the future.
Thus, don't be surprised if Magloire is brought in and then immediately shipped out along with Miles for another SF. Someone along the lines of Mike Miller or Mike Dunleavy, who fits within an offence and can hit the outside shot, would be a possibility.

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