Thursday, July 20, 2006

NBA Live '07 : Update

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Today IGN has an interview with NBA Live ’07 Producer, Brian Ullrich. There are a range of improved features as EA attempts to make up ground lost to the NBA 2K series.

Most hearteningly, Ullrich said that, “Last year I felt like the game was a little too frantic and arcady so this year we have worked hard to create a game that is more authentic to the NBA game experience.”

He also elaborates a little more on the Freestyle Superstar system – emphasizing the fact that players can now be classified into more than one Superstar category. For example, EA poster boy T-Mac is a “Superstar” High Flyer and Outside Scorer, whilst he is only the lesser “Star” category as a Shooter and Playmaker. These aspects should add a little more realism to the game.

He also said that there are “around 120 unique (player) animations.” I wonder if they will include the Reggie “Wedgie” Evans move…

There you go, they even have a shot of Big Ben in a Chicago jersey too.

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