Monday, July 31, 2006

Could we make Iverson a Blazer?

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As we wait for Jamaal Magloire to officially become a Blazer today, John Canzano of the Oregonian has come out with an interesting article on how Allen Iverson could be a Blazer. In an idea similar to that which I mentioned last week, he feels that the addition of Magloire to the frontcourt allows the Blazers to make a move for Iverson.

The more I've thought about this, the more I think that it may be just too hard to move Darius Miles. The fact that it has taken this long will likely mean that he has been devalued too much and we won't be getting more than fiddy cents in the dollar.

Thus, the suggestion that Randolph could indeed be the trade bait makes some sense. Magloire is not a piece to be scoffed at - he adds legitimate size and touch in the paint. Given that the Blazers are looking to change the image of this team, a move that rids us of Randolph and brings in a hard worker like Iverson could be perfect. Iverson's presence could even be enough to bring fellow cornrow-wearer Miles into line.

There will need to be someone else included in the deal to make it work - I would suggest someone like Juan Dixon. Of course, this could all make Philly look like a bunch of liars, after declaring that AI was off the market. Then again, when has that ever stopped teams in the past?

Out of interest, we would then be looking at:
PG Allen Iverson / Jarrett Jack
SG Martell Webster / Brandon Roy
SF Darius Miles / Travis Outlaw
PF Jamaal Magloire / LaMarcus Aldridge
C Joel Przybilla / Raef LaFrentz

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