Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Player Movement : Harrington to Pacers ¦ Salmons to Sacto

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It seems all but a done deal that Al Harrington will head back to the Indiana Pacers, where he began his career. According to the infamous "front office sources" a sign-and-trade deal is ready for completion that will likely shift draft picks to the Hawks.
The deal makes sense for the Hawks, who are building around their other significant young pieces. The fact that Harrington was not entirely content in Atlanta was the main stimulus. The Indy Star don't believe that it is such a great move for the Pacers though.
Meanwhile, Toronto added to their off-season of significant changes, with the signing of Jorge Garbajosa. The Spaniard has possibly the best name in the league. You can see already that he's going to be called the "Garbage Man"... A preview for the Raptors is on its way - they've made too many changes to go unnoticed.
John Salmons, after having his money taken from him in Toronto by Fred Jones, has hooked on with Sacramento. Apprently Bonzi Wells has been playing hard ball with Sacto management, so they turned to the pink fish.

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