Thursday, July 27, 2006

Z-Bo getting in shape

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Good news Blazer fans! It looks like Zach Randolph has been working out like a demon in preparation for the upcoming season. This report from the (much improved) Blazers' official site has a nice slideshow, depicting a much slimmed-down Z-Bo and even a couple of pictures with his daughter.
After seeing Zach cheering his younger teammates on at Summer League, we could be seeing a revitalised team leader. If he's in shape and motivated by the injection of young talent into the Blazers squad, Randolph could be a force to be reckoned with come November. Let's just hope its not all an off-season illusion.


Anonymous said...

Don't you want him to suck so you can get Oden in the draft?

mookie said...

Some would say that we will suck enough as it is! That said, there is a solid core for the future there.

Also, it's a strong draft class outside of Oden, with guys like Noah.