Monday, July 24, 2006

Will you be bitter if Bassy succeeds in Boston?

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Interesting article here about Rajon Rondo (who could have been a Blazer) and his forthcoming rivalry with a recent Blazer, Sebastian Telfair for the starting role. Reading this led me to the question, would you as a Blazer fan be bitter if Telfair succeeds with the Celts and becomes everything he was billed to be coming in to Portland?

I mean, the sporting fans’ world is full of former players who left the team and went on to burn them playing for the enemy. Most of the time these players get lambasted and heckled like crazy in their first visits back to their old home. Of course, the difference is often that the player has left in a bitter free agency dispute, rather than being traded away.

We all waited for Bassy to fulfil the potential of being the Next Great New York City Point Guard. Unfortunately, he never reached that status of NGNYCPG in Portland. 8.1ppg and 3.5apg just aren’t enough to cut it, especially after all of the hype. According to, Telfair’s 2006 season was most similar to Tim Hardaway’s in 2002. “The UTEP!” you might say. The only problem is, Tim-Bug was at the end of his career and jumping between Dallas and Denver that year – not the young aspiring point that Telfair is.

When Bassy starts averaging 20-8-4, will you be mad?

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